LSP, known as Lebanon Screw Products is a CNC Swiss machine shop in the Connecticut River Valley in New England.  We have developed our own line of accessories over the years that is carried in the Brownell's catalog and sold directly from us as well.  Our facility has state of the art machinery that we utilize to manufacture our products.  That capability allows us the ability to hold the best tolerance to ensure the greatest quality in our products.  We have produced gun products and accessories for civilians as well as producing production runs for the military sector for over 35 years.

​​  ​​​​We now offer restoration and custom gunsmithing and repairs, as well as transfers

​​​​​At LSP Competition Shooting Accessories, we are your source for Competition Firearm Accessories

Once installed, your LSP barrel will improve your accuracy and tighten your group

Explore  the ACCURACY LSP HAS to offer